Rules of the game

The aim of the game is to place all tiles on the playing field correctly and as fast as possible. According to the chosen width and height of the playing field, the count of different colors and the count of default tiles the puzzles has different difficulties. There may be multiple solutions to one puzzle.

The following two rules are being complied with:

2. Rule

The tiles at the edge have to placed and to rotaded, that all outsides have the same color. In the left picture is this the case. In the right picture ist the red marked tile wrong.

The tiles could placed both left to the storage location (gray outlined squares) and to the playfield (dark gray areas) on the right. You can drag the disired tile to the requested position (by the mouse). If you drop a tile neither over the playfield nor over the storage location, the tile moved automatically to the next free position to the storage location.

On the playfield a tile can only drag to free position. If a tile is drop over a occupied position then the tile already on thes position is moved automatically to a free position at the storage location.

Clicking or tapping a tile will it rotate clockwise. It doesn't matter if the tile is at the storage location or at the playfield.

With pause the playtime will stop and all tiles will be invisible. Click on continue to play on, the tile will be visible again and the playtime will continue.

To clear the playfied, you can click on clear. All tiles will moved to the storage location except the default tiles.

A click to solution will break the current game and show a possible solution.

With new game you start a new puzzle with the same width, the same height, the same count of colors and the same count of default tiles. The current, unsolved puzzle will scored as lost.

To play a new puzzle with other specifics you click on alter puzzle. The current, unsolved puzzle will scored as lost.

rules on the game shows this text in a popup window.