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Colpuz is a little online-game. You have to position all the given colored tiles on the playfield. There are only to rules that must be followed. You find these at the rules of the game. With the demo game you can check out Colpuz.

If you like it, you can play additional puzzles by registering. If you registered once, you can choose the size of the playfield, the count of the different colors and the count of the default tiles. The registration is firstly free of charge and you can play Colpuz by two months every time.

If you would like play on Colpuz after this two months, so you could extend the period of use for another six months by a 2.99 € fee.

Before you register, please notice our site policy and our information of the data privacy.

Happy playing Colpuz wish you

Bernd & Petra Heyer

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